Surf & Heal · by FLOATING YOU x DROP IN · 26.06. - 04.07.2022

SURF & HEAL · A retreat journey by FLOATING YOU x DROP IN ·
26.06 - 4.07.

Surf and Heal - heal through surfing, surf through healing.
Healing is an undeniable part of our life. If we want to reach our full potential, live life with an open heart, and experience peace within - it can only be our inner guide that walks us home. We all have experienced trauma at some point in our lives, and healing these wounds is our responsibility. The holistic surf & yoga concepts that we practice at Floating You are stimulating this healing aspect of your journey. Together with Drop In’s famous surf coaching, we curated a week dedicated to helping you rise & shine. As you expand your surfing skills and mindset, expect to grow the love you have for yourself and for those around you. Open up on the yoga mat - not just physically but mentally, shift from conditioning into wisdom - wisdom that has always been a part of you, ready awaken and be trusted.

The 7 days retreat journey will be packed with blissful guidance towards surfing and yoga, rituals, ceremonies, activities, and mindful exercises. Trusting the process of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Allow yourself to surrender to the process, the rest is up to us. There is no need to plan or overthink - we’ve got you.

Our team, coaches, staff, and the beautiful space at Cocoon Healing are all here to comfort you. We invite you to our communal serenity up in the hills, not far from Lombok’s surf breaks along the tropical south coast.

Do you feel the call to set your internal compass and grow within a circle of powerful females? Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and just long for something real and whole? Is your cup empty and in need of replenishment? Are you ready to connect to your higher self and start to live life fully every day?

We have 6 sacred spots available. Get in touch.


Jai Farrar Martin-  Floating You’s Yoga Teacher and Friend - evolved into a very solid piece of the Floating You Family. Jai is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga and meditation teacher. Since studying in Australia at the Krishna Village and in India at Rikhiapeeth, Jai has been sharing these teachings throughout the world, both in the east and in the west. Helping others realise their fullest and highest potential is where Jai adds a sense of meaning and purpose to his own life.

The Drop In Surf- Lodge was founded in 2016 by 3 girls looking to provide excellent surf coaching in a familiar surrounding. Drop In is not a Camp - it’s very professional surf coaching with the goal to tweak your surf technique in a safe, and understandable way so each student can continue to improve long after their time here. 

Riany, certified Yoga teacher and founder of Floating You, always dreamed of creating healing retreat journeys that merge waves and wisdom. Her motivation and calling grew through her own healing journey through surfing, that she calls her ‘most important school in life’, the yoga mat, breathing techniques and various self love practices. As much as grounding in nature, live in simplicity and sink deeper into a holistic lifestyle - cutting strings to an old corporate life and reprogramming herself to return back to what matters. Your own voice, your own dream - where anything is possible.

Cocoon Healing was created by Solli & Yvonne in 2021 to provide a safe haven for innerwork, healing, all sorts of energy work, treatments and to take a break from overwhelming life. The space is also available for retreats, and collaborations - focusing on fostering deep, intimate, human connections. 

1.349 EUR  private double ensuite bathroom 
1.189 EUR  twin bed ensuite bathroom


7 x Nights accommodation in private bungalows with kingsize bed, private bathroom, AC & hot water (single and double occupancy possible)
· Airport pickup and drop of 
· 7 x Healthy nutritious big vegetarian breakfasts (vegan diet possible on request)
· 7 x Delicious vegetarian dinner (vegan diet possible on request)
· 1 x Tropical welcome drink 
· Theory workshops (pass of a bottom turn, surf etiquette, body mechanic, performance analysis etc) 
· 6 x Surf lessons in the water with 1:2 coaching 
· Photo analysis by our instructors 
· 6 x Yoga for your inner wellbeing, balance to our loud external world & preparation for your surf (incl. breath work)
· 1 x Guided Meditation
· 1 x Sound Healing
· 1 x New moon cacao & fire ceremony
· 2 x ‘creative you’ sessions
· Mindful Exercises 
· 50 edited images from a professional photographer from a week with us incl surf photo’s from the surf analysis (Bring your USB stick) 
· Help with all requests towards your stay with us


Flights to Lombok
· special beverages / softdrinks 
· Body Works (Reiki, Massages etc / bookable in our facility)
· any kind of alcoholic drinks 
· Scooter rental if needed 
· additional in-water shooting for 130 EUR per session by a professional photographer with water housing

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