About us

Besides our usual occupations - Yvonne has her own clothing label in Germany, and Solli is the owner and manager of Drop In Surflodge here in Lombok - we have both always had an immense urge to dive deeper into the amazing world of holistic wellness. For Yvonne, it's the yoga path. Yoga makes her feel alive, grounded and healthy. For Solli, it's Theta Healing. She discovered it 3 years ago and is now a qualified Theta Coach. The two met 5 years ago at the Surflodge Drop In in Lombok. The two businesswomen were on the same page right away and became friends.
The idea of the Coccon Healing Hut came from the beginning of the lockdown in Indonesia. So both came to the conclusion to create a place where qualified healers and therapists could offer their wonderful gifts and talents and support anyone who is open and willing to be the creator of their own life.