Terms and conditions

General payment and cancellation policy:

50% of the total amount has to be paid upfront as a deposit. 
The remaining 50% have to be paid at arrival (cash or credit card).
Cancellation and changes 30 days or more before arrival ->full refund of deposit *
Cancellation and changes less than 30 days before arrival -> no refund of deposit.

Cancellation Rules and Payment Guidelines during Covid-19 Pandemic:

We highly recommend making a travel insurance that also covers Covid-19 related issues! With a good travel insurance, you will be covered if you can’t travel due to illness. Please note that Indonesia requires a valid travel insurance with Covid-coverage or a declaration that you will pay possible hospital bills yourself. 

Until the Covid-pandemic gets declared as “over” from the Indonesian Government, we offer following cancellations rules to make your holiday as safe as possible from our side:

Travel Restrictions and Lockdown: In case your country of origin or Indonesia issues travel restrictions (country of origin doesn’t allow to leave or Indonesia doesn’t allow to enter) or is in Lockdown and you are not able to travel: Please make sure that your travel insurance covers such an event. Our usual cancellation policy will apply. 

Positive Covid-19 Test: In case you test positive for Covid-19 and can’t travel, you’re travel insurance will cover your expenses and therefore we will not refund the deposit. 

Quarantine: In case you can’t travel due to being in quarantine, our usual cancellation policy becomes effective.

Flight Cancellations: In Case your flight gets cancelled, our usual cancellations policy becomes effective. Please make sure that your travel insurance covers flight related problems. 

Travel Warning: A travel warning still allows you to travel and is no valid reason for cancellation with full refund. Our usual cancellation policy becomes effective. 

If a session has to be skipped due to illness, (‘hangover’, ‘tired’ etc.) Cocoon Healing won’t reimburse the missed session. We take no liability for accidents during your stay. Please check your insurance for travel coverage abroad. 

* Guest will be charged the bank fee and any transaction fees.